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Somewhere in the mists of dreams there exists a world of fantasy and mythic adventure—a world where nations plot and intrigue against one another, where mighty armies clash, powerful wizards bend nature to their will, and the favored priests of venerable gods smite infidels with divine wrath. Ships of sea and air explore vast and exotic lands as varied as the creatures that inhabit them. Ancient feuds erupt in war, while dashing heroes seek honor, fame and legend.

The denizens of this world call it Nia, or The World, for it is all that they know. It is a difficult place in which to survive, let alone thrive, but it has bred dynamic and distinct cultures, and survived a long and often savage history. It is home to races that, though familiar to many readers, nonetheless occupy an important position in the balance of all life upon it. Its oceans are deep and vast, its mountains broad and dark, its forests and jungles lush and green—all of it dangerous to those who venture forth unwarily.

Yet its treasures are manifold for those with the courage, fortitude and skill enough to claim them. Intrepid adventurers all, welcome to Arrowflight.

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